Friday, April 27, 2007

Food Food Food

My friend chris asked today what do you think about most?
Food Food Food
Food of course. It gives us life. It can make us happy and content and also misery and regret. Its the greatest thing in the world. The most powerful thing in the universe. Adam and Eve and one apple. I see the connection. Do you?

Well I am back on a diet. AGAIN. I had lost about 28 lbs gained 5 back on last boat trip. Imagine that. So today i joined curves. Curves is a workout center just for women. I had been going to a gym in the next town with a friend of mine but she bailed out and I just havent been able to make the time to go lately.There is always something else going on. But curves is in the town I live in just 5 min away. So Im gonna try to go 3 mornings a week before I go to work. Wish me luck Im not much of a morning person but it looks like it might be the only time I have just for me. Thats Ok no one else wants to be around me in the mornings anyway. Heck I dont want to be with me first thing in the morning. That first hour just really sucks. It doesnt matter if its 6am or 12 noon it still sucks.

So food being the topic today the cowboys lunch consisted of

Rare roast beef
boiled potatos drizzled with butter and sprinkled with garlic
speckled butter beans
turnip greens with ham hocks
yum yum real man food

Oreneta posted some cool pics so here are a couple of mine for her little one

these are my toes in the Bahamas and aboard the sailing vessel Wahine and one of a Bahamian hermit crab im not sure why they ended up before the text and I cant figure out how to move them



oreneta said...

I LOVE the toenail kids did mine now and then, always bright shiny red, and every time I looked down my feet looked like they were on the wrong boat...shoulda been a really hot power boat. That blue though, that would look just fine....

oreneta said...

Oh, and also, Blogger automatically loads the photos at the top, if you click the posting screen, the one you get while you are writing into "edit HTML" you can cut and paste the photos into whatever place you want them....


And how do you make trunip greens with ham hocks, it sounds awesome.