Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To be announced

Sometimes my life feels like a TBA to be announced notice. I just never know whats gonna happen. Where is life taking me? I surely don't know most of the time. It makes me bit on edge some days and other days it what drives me. The great unknown.
I have always wanted to own my own bussiness. A great little shop where i can make awesome little cakes and cookies. Where I'm the boss and I can play the music as loud as I want and no one bugs me. And no one says Oh by the way! and then proceeds to change your plans for the entire course of your day without blinking an eye. But just lately when i came soooo close to doing just that, quit my job open my own shop and jump feet first into it, things start to change. Theres a big word attached to owning your own bussiness. RESPONSIBILITY!! You see my husband and i have another dream. Getting on our sailboat and sailing off into the great unknown. Unknown to us anyway. And we are making great strides to actually doing this. We have a few major hurtles to get over but we are getting closer. I would like to say in 2 or 3 years. But there are some major questions. Do we sell everything and just leave. We could do that now. But what happens if we hate it what do you have to come back to? If i own a shop who do i leave in charge. It would have to be someone I can trust. Good luck finding that elusive person. Well the point of this meandering dialog is this. Everything happens for a reason. Good or bad it all works out in the end.

But you know the boat has come a long way!


oreneta said...

My sister once said that when she makes a five year plan it's very useful. She know exaclty where she WON'T be in five years time.

It is one of the strange things about going cruising. Everyone says how lucky you are, but the reality is that you MADE that luck. Years of focused determined work. That's the only way we got out. The only way. IT's not luck at all, jsut a whole lot of work.

Tad-n-Tina said...

Happy sailing! Great blog, we were referred to it by Waddy. He is a DP Challenge friend :o) and noticed my sailboat pics. I've linked your blog to ours for our friends to discover. Keep writing, it's great!