Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why do we/I need so much stuff to stay out on the boat for 2 weeks you would think we were never coming back.
Well the stuff is loaded coolers packed everything stowed. Well almost. We are leaving at first light. We should be in Bimini Christmas Eve. Do customs and immigration work Christmas Eve in Bimini. We'll find out.
Wish us luck and happy sailing
Talk to you soon with some great pictures. Although they will be taken by me as Waddy can not get away. I will miss him bunches.
By for now

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yesterday I commented on my family the one's you pick and the one's you don't but today I found, or remembered a group of people who are definitely like family to sailors. Other sailors. My guys and I took a Sunday drive to the boat yard where we first found our Wahine and where this adventure truly began. We visited with old friends and made new ones in the short time we were there this afternoon. With sailors and boat people alike were all the same we like each other or you hate each other almost immediately. I made a new friend. Her and her family husband and 3 boys ((3BOYS)) oh my! on a large steel sail boat that was parked in the exact same spot ours had been for 18 months. They have been there almost a year now and are going back in next week . They hope. I wish them luck. They intend to sail around the world and home school their kids. Did we have a lot to talk about. They said that they would be in the area a bit longer before they leave. I hope we cross paths again.

My guys and I also have an extra set of surrogate parents. Wanna guess where we met? That's right in the boat yard. They are are constant encouragement to get out there and do it before we get to old to enjoy it. Not that they are to old that is so not what I meant guys. But they are always reminding us that the sooner we get out there the better it will be. We are joining them in the Bahamas next week for Christmas and it would be hard to pick better friends to spend time with during the holidays. When we come home they are heading south and we are not sure when our paths may cross again. But we will definitely stay in touch and do every thing possible to make those lines intersect down the road. You never know when you will pull into a strange port and see the welcome sight of a friends boat. It can sometimes be a very small world.

When you spend any amount of time in a boat yard you make great friends some I have had for a very long time. I hope we stay in touch with forever.

One of the first families we became friends with from our time in the yard is the wonderful family that lives ,part time, aboard the sailing vessel Oreneta. They are from Canada and are currently grounded in Spain. Don't I have worldly friends? Their girls touched my heart and their mother my mind. The men are definitely kindered spirits as well. Since I know how they miss their little floating home as she is in dry storage in the previously mentioned boat yard while I was there today I took pictures of Oreneta aground. Do you like the pun Chris?

You have to check out her blog the link is in my side bar "oreneta aground" it is awesome.
And now you know whats next
Reason #59 to go sailing
My husband said it should be Because I just want to. But it is better than that. It is so that I can make more of the same caliber, heart touching friends that we have already made during this adventure. We have not really even begun yet.
So here is to my awesome, great, and wonderfully inspirational friends that I have made and the ones to come. God bless and happy sailing!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I had 25 people in my house today! That's a bunch even for me. I average 15 so 25 was a lot. Add to this the fact that we have the remnants of tropical storm Olga passing over us and it makes for a beautiful day. Actually it was a great day. It stopped raining about the time my guest started arriving and if it drizzled a little no one noticed. There was an abundance of food and drink and rum. Have I mentioned my affection for rum lately? I got two bottles of rum as birthday presents and one as a Christmas gift today. All the right size and in my favorite color. Sailors no that the best presents can be eaten or drank or put in a blender and drank.

I had most of my family with me today. I missed those of you who couldn't be here. I have the family God gave me. The one I chose to marry and spend the rest of my life with and the best of all, the family that you choose. That would be my very bestest friend Sallie and her children.

I guess I had too much rum today and it is making me a bit sappy. I thought I had a big family growing up. I DIDN'T!! I do now. I sure didn't know what I was missing. I wouldn't trade ya'll for nothing. Maybe a new boat but that would be about it. HAHA!

So here are some more reasons to go sailing.

Reason 56
I can't miss you if I don't leave.

Have I mentioned rum lately?

Reason 57
My dog wants to go sailing.

Reason 58

You can't see stuff like this on land.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well it's been over a month since I last posted. A lot of work has been happening on the boat in preparation for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas. We also participated in a Christmas boat parade last night here at home . The parade is something we look forward to every year we always get a great deal of applause , we love it, it is probably because were the biggest boat to join in. There were all sizes this year even a jet ski. We were still the best. Not that I'm prejudiced at all.

We pressure washed the decks and sides. Then I started painting the decks. I'm torn between Huck Finn and the Dunkin donut guy. The never ending fence that must be white washed. Time to make the donuts. It seems like It is always time to paint the boat. I actually painted a spot last week that has never been painted in the over 5 years that we have owned her. She is looking fabulous though.

We seem to have a long list of social engagements this year. Add in Soccer practice and games, work, Doctor appointments, and Planning our Christmas/birthday party. My older son and I both have a birthday next week on the same day even. He will be 19 and I will be just a little older:)

So that brings us to !!!!!

Reason #55 to go sailing

Were you invited to a party or gathering and you really don't feel like attending? OH I'm so sorry we won't be here were sailing at first light. SOOOOOO SOORRRRYYYY. NOT!!!

Here our some pics of my beautiful boat being prepped to sail and in the boat parade. Waddy takes amazing photos. Doesn't he? Check out his new photo gallery.


T and the Boys

This is our home port at sunset.