Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am a very bad blogger!!!

It seems I only post when I'm really bored or have something to complain about.

Well this isn't really a complaint. Just a conundrum. Is that a word?

To cook or not to cook that is the question?

I always end up cooking on the holidays. I do enjoy it. But should I be automatically expected to? The economy here is very suckish! I really can't afford to do it all this year. Do I tell everyone exactly what to bring or leave it up to them? If I leave it up to them I will be stressed out that we won't have something and then I will make that too. Then we might end up with double and I have spent the extra money. I know I'm a mess. I have serious control issues!

Reason # 64

It has to be something about entertaining guests. Like never being responsible for a big meal cruisers pot luck everything.
This is definitely south Florida at it's best!