Monday, January 26, 2009

So I am surfing at school this morning I know I'm here to work, but it is so boring and I was reading Oreneta's blog. When I come across her opinion on trash she finds on her walks in the hills where she lives in Spain. She mentions a project that she is participating in where you pick up trash and take pictures of it and post it on your blog.
WEELLLL just the other day my friends from S.V. Free Spirit were visiting and commented on the amount of trash on the side of the road leading into my neighborhood. Then I read about blog green and I am thinking it must be kismet or something that I should go pick up the trash.
I'll let you know how it goes and I will post some pics. I hope you will not be to shocked it is a lot of trash. Maybe there should be an award for the blogger that picks up the most!!
This is the link to the blog green sight. Go check it out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

S.V.Free Spirit at the dock on LaBelle.

I'm sad and excited!

My new friends and inspirations left today.

Laura I miss you already. The S.V. Free Spirit pulled off the dock today for the last time. Out into the big blue yonder. They are living the dream and exploring the world. It is hard to make friends knowing that they will by nature of the bond be leaving. Yet we are drawn together just the same. Cruisers , are amazing people. They take on the everyday challenges of life while living in an extreme environment and over come them just the same. I am excited that the next time I see them they will be out there doing IT!!!! And hopefully so will we.

See ya out there , Laura, Tamer and all of the boys my prayers will always be with you followed closely by jealousy and envy.

If you see this boat anywhere in the world know that it is full of awesome people!

Sundays around here are supposed to be boat day and My Honey was working so I didn't go to the boat to work. However I did take on a project long overdue. My side of the barn was full of junk that had not been touched in years. So Ronnie and I emptied and cleaned and now that building is officially the boat barn. A project that will definitely come in handy for the next year or so of refitting.

My new favorite saying is "It's not a mess- It's progress"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well I made it through one more season of holidays!!!!!

Didn't kill anyone. Didn't even want to.

I think I have instilled in my family and finally in myself that we are leaving. So theoretically one more set of holidays and we will be gone.

We went sailing for Christmas 2 years ago. Just me and the boys and it was blissfully relaxing. We were sailing in the Bahamas near Spanish Wells when a front moved through and we were stuck in the same anchorage for 4 days. We read and watched movies and snuggled under the covers it was the best vacation so far. We couldn't go anywhere or do anything off the boat.

I admit that I get a bit wrapped up in the planning and execution of an event or trip or hell just about anything. When that was taken away and I had no choice but to just be and let nature take it's course it was very freeing. I hope that when we move aboard and get on our way that there is more of just, being.

This a link to a cool web sight where I have a couple of pics located as does my awesome father inlaw whose pictures are often here on my blog. If you search for a photo called forgotten at the beach, you will find me. I think if you search Waddy Thompson you will find my PAPA!

Robert and I started the removal of my galley and salon. WHOOOOPEEEEE!

I wanted to set fire to the table but he wouldn't let me. He said he could recycle the wood. More on this project soon.