Sunday, January 25, 2009

S.V.Free Spirit at the dock on LaBelle.

I'm sad and excited!

My new friends and inspirations left today.

Laura I miss you already. The S.V. Free Spirit pulled off the dock today for the last time. Out into the big blue yonder. They are living the dream and exploring the world. It is hard to make friends knowing that they will by nature of the bond be leaving. Yet we are drawn together just the same. Cruisers , are amazing people. They take on the everyday challenges of life while living in an extreme environment and over come them just the same. I am excited that the next time I see them they will be out there doing IT!!!! And hopefully so will we.

See ya out there , Laura, Tamer and all of the boys my prayers will always be with you followed closely by jealousy and envy.

If you see this boat anywhere in the world know that it is full of awesome people!

Sundays around here are supposed to be boat day and My Honey was working so I didn't go to the boat to work. However I did take on a project long overdue. My side of the barn was full of junk that had not been touched in years. So Ronnie and I emptied and cleaned and now that building is officially the boat barn. A project that will definitely come in handy for the next year or so of refitting.

My new favorite saying is "It's not a mess- It's progress"


c said...
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oreneta said...

I love your saying....just don't teach it to my kids, m'kay?

You'll be out there soon too....

NicoleB said...

Sounds like a great time :)

And welcome aboard of "Blog green"

Tamer said...

We LOVE and miss you too, and know that you can join us and live your dream in the waves next to us :-) Free Spirit