Tuesday, November 6, 2007

reason #54

O.K. oddly enough twice today I have been told "whats happening with your blog"

I'm SOOOORRRRRYYYYYYY. I've just been lazy that's right ME shirking my responsibilities. My husband says to tell you that this is my way of getting my friends and fans (haha) used to irregular postings. For when we finally go abroad and internet access isn't always available I won't always be able to write you. But for now I have simply been busy.

With what you might ask. Work, I've been doing a little moon lighting at an Elks Lodge. Cooking for special events. Subbing at the local schools. I even had kinder garden one day and nobody cried, not even me! Helping at my Womans Club. My son started soccer last week and I'm an assistant coach. No screaming just encouragement. Halloween was a lot of fun. My little pirate was a ninja. My husband is finishing his pilots license. Our friends on the sail boat Dreamer have been in town getting their boat ready for their trip south for the season. The Dominican Republic I think. We love spending time with them. We our always renewed in our enthusiasm to go sailing after they have been here. In fact here is reason # 54 to go sailing off in to the sunset.

#54 Christmas in the Caribbean.

We are planning to sail to the Bahamas for Christmas and meet Dreamer for a week of fun and frolicking. I have always wanted a white Christmas and my husband is afraid of snow so I will have to settle for white sandy beaches.

Here is a pic of our really cool jack-o-lanterns.

Thanks for being patient with me and keep checking in.
By for now