Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This picture of Wahine was taken this week in the river on the way to the city dock for a much needed bath. The rust down the side is the result of a rotten cap rail.
That is top of the repair list.

Robbie fooling around at the park by the river!! Free spirit I bet you recognize this play ground!

I am a very bad blogger! That said- here is an update on the crew of the S.V.Wahine!

Robert and Terrie working A LOT

Robbie playing ball .

Scooby chasing the ball A LOT!!

There is actually some progress going on in regards to sailing off in to the sunset. Robert has removed the old life lines and repaired the rudder chain. He is about to start the repairs on the cap rails. Then I will have lots of stuff to paint and sand. We have had many discussions about the lay out of the new galley. The design being the hardest part!!