Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wahine Speaks to us!

This was taken last month by none other than Waddy! Awesome pic PAPA!

Boats have their own personalty and characteristics. Sail boats I think more so. Old sail boats our in a whole other league. Ours is no exception. She lets us know when she needs attention, and when she wants to go somewhere. A gentle pull on her dock lines a hick up in the engine room. Sometimes she just screams ME ME ME!!! . Last weekend Robert went down to the boat to move her back to a friends dock. I guess she wasn't ready to go. The night before she wouldn't run right. Then the anchor was really really dug in. When Robert was ready to head down river she got hung up on something. He thought he had freed it and started off again. NOPE she said still hung up. The anchor had hung on a piece of chain from the bottom of the river and Robert had pulled it up with his anchor. In the process of figuring this all out the engine ran out of fuel. This never happens! But we are planning on hauling out soon so we let it run down fairly low. Apparently to low. Doesn't matter Wahine was not ready to go yet. Drop our anchor, climb down to figure out what we are hung on, start hauling in the chain. And hauling and hauling. Wonder what is on the other end. An anchor, an engine block, a small Volkswagen??

So to keep out of trouble during this process Robbie decides he should clean the decks. Did I mention it had started raining. With everything already wet it was a great idea. She really needed it. Things turn green in the river fast. So a tune up and a bath!

Many hours later he finds the end. But wait there is still another end as Robert had hung it in the middle. Haul, and hoist some more. FINALLY the other end comes up and low and behold there is an anchor on it and approximately 240 feet of Awesome chain. Awesomely heavy. Robert thinks that he actually knows who made this particular anchor. Tom Colvin, the same designer who built our boat. HHMMM wonder who might have lost it? Wonder how it is that we were the ones to find it. Wahine works in mysterious ways. We will show pics to Tom and if it is one of his maybe he can tell us who he sold it to. I wonder if there is a finders fee!! It looks really expensive. Or maybe just really heavy. Here are some pictures of Wahine's latest treasure find.

P.S. She willingly went back to her dock down river the next day.

The Chain all 240 feet!

The very heavy anchor.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Facebook is bad for bloggers!! I spend way to much time on facebook reading everybody else's thoughts instead of expressing my own.
So here our some of my own.

This mess in the Gulf of Mexico SUCKS! So I better go to the beach and enjoy it before it is gone!
Our sailboat is a mess and we are not making much progress.
My Spanish is going very slowly! Maybe I can figure out how to make my facebook page in Spanish so I would HAVE to practice my Spanish.
My grand babies are awesome and a joy.
My son is racing BMX and we will be at the bike track every Saturday morning! SWEATING!!

More thought s soon!!