Monday, June 28, 2010

Facebook is bad for bloggers!! I spend way to much time on facebook reading everybody else's thoughts instead of expressing my own.
So here our some of my own.

This mess in the Gulf of Mexico SUCKS! So I better go to the beach and enjoy it before it is gone!
Our sailboat is a mess and we are not making much progress.
My Spanish is going very slowly! Maybe I can figure out how to make my facebook page in Spanish so I would HAVE to practice my Spanish.
My grand babies are awesome and a joy.
My son is racing BMX and we will be at the bike track every Saturday morning! SWEATING!!

More thought s soon!!

1 comment:

oreneta said...

Facebook can indeed be turned to Spanish, down at the very bottom left....more entertainingly, it can be turned to pirate English!

BMX sounds like a blast.