Friday, September 3, 2010

I have been trying really hard to dedicate my self to homeschooling. We feel very strongly about this as when we sail off into the sunset we will HAVE to home school. I would like to have a good foundation in place so that the change in location isn't to much for us to handle.
I am struggling with schedules and keeping him on task. The subjects are easy at this point. Even someone like me can handle the teaching. Me being one who hated school.
I am looking for ways to keep him interested and me motivated. I can not give up. If this does not work it will put a serious damper on our sailing plans.

We just finished a 3 week road trip across country to Alaska with a sailing friend. Along the way I read to him from a book about each state we were in. Well sometimes when we stopped we covered several of the states at once. We also went to Mt Rushmore. Very educational YES!! I think that there are educational opportunities every where.
I will post some pics of our trip soon. But now it is time for school.