Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Trip

This is Wahine at her home dock yesterday. She looks like she really wants to go somewhere doesn't she? Picture by Waddy.

Well I've had an eventful day.

My niece called me this morning and gave me the news that she was definitely going to graduate this year. On Friday to be more precise. In West Virginia. We have not been shore the last few months if she was gonna make it on time. In fact I had resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't gonna happen. And she pulled it off at the last moment with a mear 2 points to spare. She will be the first of 10 grandchildren to graduate from high school. Just 8 more to go. The first one ,my son, didn't see that school was important. Well seeing that this should a momentous event my mother and I have decided to take a road trip. We are going to West Virginia for the ceremony. Yeh road trip with my mom. Boo Hiss.

My mom and I are not best friends were not even buddies. Hell I don't know what possessed me to offer. Brief moment of insanity I think. She tells me I'm A bad driver yet then wants me to take her somewhere. Go figure. She also criticizes my hair, clothes ,weight, and friends.

Speaking of graduations we attended the end of the year program at my sons school this evening. They handed out a bunch of perfect attendance, A honor awards, promotion to the next grade certificates, and Yada Yada Yada. Blah Blah Blah. Have a nice summer. Yet the kids still have 3 days of school left. Why is it that they feel they have to have a ceremony for everything. We didn't have these when I was in school. Kinder garden and high school that was it. Who knows?

My son is going to repeat the 1st grade. He passed by the skin of his teeth. I know teeth don't have skin. Why do we say that? Anyone know? Well anyway he just barely passed last year and I probably she have held him back then. But I didn't really like his teacher and he would have had her again. She didn't appreciate his spirit. This year he has a great teacher. They have finally come to an understanding. But he is still a little behind as he was coming into this class. So we made the decision to hold him back. Better now then when he has friends that he has had a long time and will miss. Because we know that eventually it would catch up with him.

So here we go how does this link to sailing you ask? When we sail off into the sunset I will home/boat school my son and he will have great teachers that completely understand him and will give him one on one attention. Weather he wants it or not!

Reason #22 ,I think, to sail off into the sunset.

22. No grumpy teachers

23. The wind is blowing (contributed by my guys)

24. Have I mentioned rum lately.

25. No driving my mother. ANYWHERE

O.k so were leaving Thursday and won't be home until Monday Memorial Day so if you don't here from me by Tuesday report me missing or check the news for a report of women going crazy while driving mother somewhere and come post my bail!



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Memory garden Bimini Ring Game and stuff

These are pictures of the memory garden I'm in charge of constructing at the Community Woman's Club that I am involved with. A member of our club that has been a member for ? well forever lost her husband last year. When your a member of an organization full of women you always have to enlist the help of your husbands. Without them we would not get most of the things we do done. This man was always there helping out where ever he could. We decided to build this garden to recognize his contributions to our club and community. And to have an outlet to remember people in the future. My husband and I have done A great deal of the work. Without my dear darling I would still be laying those very heavy stepping stones. But isn't it beautiful?
Have you ever seen one of those Bimini Ring Games? They are addictive!! And annoying!! They are pretty simple. A brass ring on a string and a hook. The object is to swing the ring and land it on the hook. Simple you would think but its not and I'm not a quitter so you can see where it becomes addictive. We first played with one at the End of the World Saloon in Bimini. We found one on Cabbage Key and we bought one in their gift shop and hung it on our front porch. The addiction continues. My father in law found their website on line so I placed it in my links list because I tell you what I paid a lot more at the gift shop then you will online. So check out the cool site.

I have a new enemy!


I hate them. My yard is infested with them. My dog, my kid, and my shoes. I have paid Truly Nolan for 3 treatments and have applied every chemical I can find and I still have fleas. They are driving me insane. So if you know of any remedies for killing fleas I would love to here them.

So here we go how does this relate to sailing off into the sunset you ask?

Reason number

21. There are no fleas on the beach.

Monday, May 14, 2007

More reasons to sail away

These pictures were taken over spring break on Cayo Costa Island which is a state park on the west coast of Florida. I had never been here and it was especially cool. The wind was awesome for sailing. We also visited Cabbage Key A private Island in the same area. It has a small restaurant and Inn. The restaurant has one dollar bills taped to every wall and ceiling in sight. The customers all sign them and get to tape them anywhere they like. They even had one from Jimmy Buffet. Cool Huh. They say that they sweep up about 10 thousand dollars a year that fall off the walls. They turn them in to the treasury department , because they have been written on, the treasury gives them a voucher back and they donate it to charity. Very cool. We left ours taped to a big fish.

See the above picture of said fish. We all had a great time. Yes even the dog. See above picture mom.

Well I had A pretty good mothers day. We visited my husbands 92 year old grandmother. And my mom as well. I think it is amazing that at 92 she still lives alone does all of the house work, cooking, lawn work. at least all that she wants to. The rest she convinces us that we really want to do it. She is so gooood at it to. You never no what hit you. We all flipped her mattress, moves a couple of nightstands, fixed a window, and the boys cleaned her gutters. Wow she had a great mothers day. She is an awesome lady. I'm lucky to have married into such a great family as they have shared their prize possession with me. And it is extra special that my young son gets to spend so much time with his great grandmother. That I think is becoming rare. So how does this connect to sailing. My husband and I call this the point of relativity game. Things sometime occur to you mid conversation and the other person may not always see the link between the two. So here is the point of relativity. Its hard to leave home for an extended time when our grandmother may not be with us much longer and we would have taken the opportunity away from our son to spend time with her. But on the other hand she could live another 10 years, she's very healthy, then it would be another loved one and another. I'm at a loss. My husband has a large family mine not so big. We could take them all with us? Naaaaa We could visit home often? Wouldn't make it far that way. Naaaaa. How bout send postcards and emails?

Now for more reasons to sail away today.
16. no grass to mow. It has finally started raining here after about 2 months of drought and fire watch. You know it will start growing. Weeds anyway .
17.No truck to wash. Have you ever had to scrub love bugs off the front of a vehicle. ICK.
18. Fresh fish. Their wasn't any at our store the other day.
19.Sun. My tan has suffered lately I think I'm working to much.
20 The beach every day. I remember driving home after our month in the Bahamas last summer and my son asking what beach we were going to tomorrow. I had to break his heart and explain that I had to work the next day and we could not go to the beach. His reply was how bout the next day? Kids you gotta love them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

101 reasons to get on the boat and Leave

1. No bosses. If you do have a boss it is usually a spouse. And we all know that you can bribe a husband. I mean spouse.
2.No Time Clocks. Hell no clocks at all.


4.Great time with family.

5. Great time without family.

6.books Time to read.

7.new friends
8. If you don't like the place you landed pick up anchor and move.

9. Rum

10. No laundry. Wash your suit in the shower and hang it on the lifelines. Yeh no ironing.

11. Sherry's Beach Bar , Bimini Bahamas did I mention the rum?
12. Awesome beaches!
13. Another awesome beach!
14. Great things to take pictures of.
15. No construction workers yelling at you. Shake it momma!! Hi chris:)
Most of the pics here were taken by my amazing , wonderful father inlaw Waddy Thompson see link at right for more. But the one of toes I took . Cool Huh!
More reasons for sailing off into the sunset on next post.

The Dog

Im not sure what happened to my last post. Half of it is missing.

Heres the rest.
The other day we were at the boat putting the sail covers back on. There was a storm rolling in. FAST. I told my son to run to the jeep and wait for me . I thought we would beat the rain. NOT. The wind started ripping and blew us off the dock so that I couldn't get off the boat. My husband said "go below". He went and found his raincoat and pulled us back close enough for me to jump off. So I ran to the jeep where I found little man huddled between the seats with his hands over his ears. The thunder was really loud. I jumped in soaking wet and he looked up at me and said "mommy you shouldn't run on the dock". Yes dear! Promply followed by "oh no we left Scooby outside". So off I drive in the middle of A monsoon to save the dog. After barely avoiding an untimely demise we made it back to the house. There we find the dog running around in circles barking at the rain and thunder. Sometimes you just have to smile :} Then we discover the power is out. My son says "we should go back to the boat". I don't think so!
One more.
Most people that know us that see the blogstart with the same thing. Why isn't Scooby been mentioned? So here is an entire post for her. The smartest stupid dog I ever saw.
She really is a good boat dog. She loves the water wether under sail, motor, or paddle. Heck she even likes a bath. And she does love her people.
Go sailing

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So once we took the vacation of a life time planned for months. Worked our buts off getting ready. We spent a month in the Bahamas on our sailboat "wahine". It was amazing. So while we were in Bimini I sent my mother an email with a picture of us. I was sure she missed me and was worried about us. Her only reply was "where was scooby she isn't in the picture". Scooby is our 31/2 year old jack russel. I tries to convince her that Scooby took the pictures. She did't buy it.

The other day we were at the boa

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Redneck Trucks

This is in response to a post I read on a friends blog , Oreneta Aground, see link at right. She saw a truck in Spain of all places that resembled the one in my yard. This is a picture of my husbands pride and joy. This is proof that "Redneck" is a global condition that I believe is spreading. My husbands truck runs however I do not think it would make it to Spain. I love ya Honey!!