Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Redneck Trucks

This is in response to a post I read on a friends blog , Oreneta Aground, see link at right. She saw a truck in Spain of all places that resembled the one in my yard. This is a picture of my husbands pride and joy. This is proof that "Redneck" is a global condition that I believe is spreading. My husbands truck runs however I do not think it would make it to Spain. I love ya Honey!!


oreneta said...

EXcellent TRUCK! How could we have not seen it?

In Denver one year, I desperately wanted to buy a bright orange 1957 Chevrolet pick-up, but I figured it would die somewhere in a distant corn-field a bit east of Kansas, and then what would I do?

It still haunts me.

Priscilla said...

Hello! I found your blog by accident, and the kids are looking at the pics on it with me! Taylor told me I should post a "HELLO" to you! I've used blogger before, years ago, but can't remember the username or webaddress or anything! Lil' Miss Redhead says to tell Aunt Terrie "Hello!" She's being a pain today! They are out of school and I just happened to be off work! Is this a curse? LOL Anyway, I will see you soon, I'm sure! In my DT, I bet!