Thursday, May 17, 2007

Memory garden Bimini Ring Game and stuff

These are pictures of the memory garden I'm in charge of constructing at the Community Woman's Club that I am involved with. A member of our club that has been a member for ? well forever lost her husband last year. When your a member of an organization full of women you always have to enlist the help of your husbands. Without them we would not get most of the things we do done. This man was always there helping out where ever he could. We decided to build this garden to recognize his contributions to our club and community. And to have an outlet to remember people in the future. My husband and I have done A great deal of the work. Without my dear darling I would still be laying those very heavy stepping stones. But isn't it beautiful?
Have you ever seen one of those Bimini Ring Games? They are addictive!! And annoying!! They are pretty simple. A brass ring on a string and a hook. The object is to swing the ring and land it on the hook. Simple you would think but its not and I'm not a quitter so you can see where it becomes addictive. We first played with one at the End of the World Saloon in Bimini. We found one on Cabbage Key and we bought one in their gift shop and hung it on our front porch. The addiction continues. My father in law found their website on line so I placed it in my links list because I tell you what I paid a lot more at the gift shop then you will online. So check out the cool site.

I have a new enemy!


I hate them. My yard is infested with them. My dog, my kid, and my shoes. I have paid Truly Nolan for 3 treatments and have applied every chemical I can find and I still have fleas. They are driving me insane. So if you know of any remedies for killing fleas I would love to here them.

So here we go how does this relate to sailing off into the sunset you ask?

Reason number

21. There are no fleas on the beach.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see pictures of the Memory Garden here today. What used to be an unused and unsightly corner is on its way to becoming the most pleasant part of the property.

Use Advantage on Scooby and the fleas won't bother him. Probably don't want to use it on your 6 year old though.

Have you noticed that sometimes the more chemicals we apply, the worse the situation becomes? Not always,but it happens.

My parents treated their yard for fleas and every other living thing and still had problems.

What critters dine on fleas? Invite them over for supper. haha