Friday, May 11, 2007

The Dog

Im not sure what happened to my last post. Half of it is missing.

Heres the rest.
The other day we were at the boat putting the sail covers back on. There was a storm rolling in. FAST. I told my son to run to the jeep and wait for me . I thought we would beat the rain. NOT. The wind started ripping and blew us off the dock so that I couldn't get off the boat. My husband said "go below". He went and found his raincoat and pulled us back close enough for me to jump off. So I ran to the jeep where I found little man huddled between the seats with his hands over his ears. The thunder was really loud. I jumped in soaking wet and he looked up at me and said "mommy you shouldn't run on the dock". Yes dear! Promply followed by "oh no we left Scooby outside". So off I drive in the middle of A monsoon to save the dog. After barely avoiding an untimely demise we made it back to the house. There we find the dog running around in circles barking at the rain and thunder. Sometimes you just have to smile :} Then we discover the power is out. My son says "we should go back to the boat". I don't think so!
One more.
Most people that know us that see the blogstart with the same thing. Why isn't Scooby been mentioned? So here is an entire post for her. The smartest stupid dog I ever saw.
She really is a good boat dog. She loves the water wether under sail, motor, or paddle. Heck she even likes a bath. And she does love her people.
Go sailing


oreneta said...

The weather down there is something else...was he afraid of the thunder? The dog I mean....

Waddy said...

Dad in law here!.
Like your blog thing. I feel that it will help us to know more about what keeps you happy on the next cruise.
Let's go take some more cruising pictures.


Mariah said...

Well written article.