Friday, May 11, 2007

101 reasons to get on the boat and Leave

1. No bosses. If you do have a boss it is usually a spouse. And we all know that you can bribe a husband. I mean spouse.
2.No Time Clocks. Hell no clocks at all.


4.Great time with family.

5. Great time without family.

6.books Time to read. friends
8. If you don't like the place you landed pick up anchor and move.

9. Rum

10. No laundry. Wash your suit in the shower and hang it on the lifelines. Yeh no ironing.

11. Sherry's Beach Bar , Bimini Bahamas did I mention the rum?
12. Awesome beaches!
13. Another awesome beach!
14. Great things to take pictures of.
15. No construction workers yelling at you. Shake it momma!! Hi chris:)
Most of the pics here were taken by my amazing , wonderful father inlaw Waddy Thompson see link at right for more. But the one of toes I took . Cool Huh!
More reasons for sailing off into the sunset on next post.


oreneta said...

101!!! heck there have to be 1001! No construction workes, that would be bosses, no work, no cars, friends friends friends, eh?

oreneta said...

I love that photo of your foot!

Happy Mother's Day!