Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Trip

This is Wahine at her home dock yesterday. She looks like she really wants to go somewhere doesn't she? Picture by Waddy.

Well I've had an eventful day.

My niece called me this morning and gave me the news that she was definitely going to graduate this year. On Friday to be more precise. In West Virginia. We have not been shore the last few months if she was gonna make it on time. In fact I had resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't gonna happen. And she pulled it off at the last moment with a mear 2 points to spare. She will be the first of 10 grandchildren to graduate from high school. Just 8 more to go. The first one ,my son, didn't see that school was important. Well seeing that this should a momentous event my mother and I have decided to take a road trip. We are going to West Virginia for the ceremony. Yeh road trip with my mom. Boo Hiss.

My mom and I are not best friends were not even buddies. Hell I don't know what possessed me to offer. Brief moment of insanity I think. She tells me I'm A bad driver yet then wants me to take her somewhere. Go figure. She also criticizes my hair, clothes ,weight, and friends.

Speaking of graduations we attended the end of the year program at my sons school this evening. They handed out a bunch of perfect attendance, A honor awards, promotion to the next grade certificates, and Yada Yada Yada. Blah Blah Blah. Have a nice summer. Yet the kids still have 3 days of school left. Why is it that they feel they have to have a ceremony for everything. We didn't have these when I was in school. Kinder garden and high school that was it. Who knows?

My son is going to repeat the 1st grade. He passed by the skin of his teeth. I know teeth don't have skin. Why do we say that? Anyone know? Well anyway he just barely passed last year and I probably she have held him back then. But I didn't really like his teacher and he would have had her again. She didn't appreciate his spirit. This year he has a great teacher. They have finally come to an understanding. But he is still a little behind as he was coming into this class. So we made the decision to hold him back. Better now then when he has friends that he has had a long time and will miss. Because we know that eventually it would catch up with him.

So here we go how does this link to sailing you ask? When we sail off into the sunset I will home/boat school my son and he will have great teachers that completely understand him and will give him one on one attention. Weather he wants it or not!

Reason #22 ,I think, to sail off into the sunset.

22. No grumpy teachers

23. The wind is blowing (contributed by my guys)

24. Have I mentioned rum lately.

25. No driving my mother. ANYWHERE

O.k so were leaving Thursday and won't be home until Monday Memorial Day so if you don't here from me by Tuesday report me missing or check the news for a report of women going crazy while driving mother somewhere and come post my bail!



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oreneta said...

Sooo, how'd it go?

Oh, and here's a small news break...he'll still have grumpy teachers sometimes, my kids did, but the grumpy teachers will also hug and cuddle and play with him too.