Monday, June 4, 2007

Insanity or my trip to West Virginia

So West Virginia is approximately 16 hours from my house. That is an awful long time to talk. But that is what my mother attempted. And I think she came real close. At one point I timed her talking 45 minutes without me speaking one word. Just when I didn't think I could take any more she would dose off. And low and behold she talked in her sleep. I am not joking.
Luckily on the way home she was mad at me and she didn't talk near as much.
I really do love to drive. Radio blaring. Singing along. Great scenery. But this was the trip from HELL! Did I mention the nice Deputy in Virginia. I'm still not sure how much that ticket is going to cost.
But my niece graduated. And I saw my sister who I haven't seen in almost 2 years. Since I last saw her she has lost like 165 pounds. It was so weird I just kept staring at her. She had her tummy done bypassed I think they call it. She is doing great and I am proud of her. She is amazing and never gives up. The top picture is she and I.
We went to the "Barn Rocks" which is a swimming hole near my sisters house that is part of a river that flows out of the mountains. The water is a little cold but it was beautiful. These are some pictures from my trip. Of course one of my shoe. And my little guy trying to climb the Barn Rocks. Wild flowers . The hill in my sisters backyard. Pretty Huh.
We went to the boat yesterday and hauled are little sail boat and the dingy back to the house to repair and paint. It wont be long now before we will be going sailing. Just for 2 weeks this summer not nearly enough but better than not at all. The boat is a mess. Covered in dead love bugs and bird poop. So I will need to spend a bunch of time cleaning and stocking the boat for our trip. We will just be off shore in the Tortugas. But there are no stores or marinas so you must take everything you need with you. Two weeks isn't hard to plan for and it's amazing how quick you get over not having something you forgot when you know that there is nothing you can do about it. Can't run to the Wal-mart. There's not one. You remember how to be self sufficient.
Here we go......
#26 No speeding tickets
#27 Always new scenery to take in.
#28 Not having to drive my mother ANYWHERE/ Priceless

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oreneta said...

Ooooo. Love bugs. Yuck.

We got overwhelmed by them in the middle of Lake DO you spell that?

It was like something out of Hitchcock, and took us a full hour of scrubbing and sloshing to get our little bity boat cleaner...

Tortuga's huh, should be good.

Talking for 45 minutes straight must take some doing!

Glad to hear from you again...