Monday, June 25, 2007

Woo Hooooo

Were going sailing!!!!!
We leave at first light according to captain Rob. The locks that we must go through to get out of the river only open at noon. Then off we go.
1. Shark River
2. Marathon
3. Bahia Honda
4. Key west maybe
5 The Dry Tortugas
6. Home by the 6th
captain has a wedding to be at on the 7th. So there is our sail plan. Sounds great doesn't it. We will be taking my teenage niece for her first boat ride and first trip out of sight of land. And she is flying in on her first plane ride. How coool.
Wish us fun. I meant luck. Really.
Talk to you all when we get back. Sooner if I can get on line. I'll have some great pictures.
Oh yah reasons to go sailing
#32 no traffic
#33 no cell phones Hell no phones I do miss the internet though
#34 because we can :)
by for now

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