Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It is just in my nature to be nice. Hasn't always been that way. But that is a whole other topic we won't dwell into. I enjoy being the hostess. Hospitality should be by middle name and it's not JUST because I live in the south.
I must make a confession. I do these things because they make me happy! Yep there it is, Purely selfish. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of helping others. Entertaining others. Cooking for others. Who wants you to be the only person you cook for. If I didn't have someone to cook for I probably would not cook at all. I'd probably be eating out of the can over the kitchen sink. YUCK.
So what prompted this line of thoughts this morning you might ask? Well the other night a very dear friend called and said me and the kids will be there in a couple of weeks and need to stay a few days. Can you pick us up from the airport?? Woohoo I can't wait to see them. Of course come. I would have jumped in my truck right then and went and got them. But alas I must wait. I don't like to wait. I'm not a patient person.
But I digress. These friends I met because of the Boat. We met in the yard while they were working getting ready to set sail on a grand adventure. We also have boat friends in Spain, California, and the Florida Keys. Who knows where else! Everywhere we go I meet new and interesting people who have touched my life and made a lasting impression. I'm not saying they have all been good impressions. There are those you wish you hadn't met. They make the good ones stand out more so.
How do make these friends you want to know? I'm NICE! It's that easy. Smile, lend a hand, or offer a ride. Invite them to dinner. It really is that easy. And you touch a life, brighten somebody else's day. Who knows, that person might return the favor to you someday or pass it along randomly to someone else. But you have another friend, out there.
So, go sailing!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

reason #71
To go sailing!!

Treasure hunting we found the anchor right here at home, just think what we might find
"out there"!! Let's all go sailing. It might be good for the economy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robert has been making some headway on some of the many repairs Wahine is in need of. He has cut out a portion of cap rail and replaced it with new pipe. He had to add some new medal underneath where there was a lot of corrosion.

I will try to get down there soon and take a picture of the new medal installed.
Wahine is very happy that we have removed the unsightly blemish from her lovely hull.