Monday, May 14, 2007

More reasons to sail away

These pictures were taken over spring break on Cayo Costa Island which is a state park on the west coast of Florida. I had never been here and it was especially cool. The wind was awesome for sailing. We also visited Cabbage Key A private Island in the same area. It has a small restaurant and Inn. The restaurant has one dollar bills taped to every wall and ceiling in sight. The customers all sign them and get to tape them anywhere they like. They even had one from Jimmy Buffet. Cool Huh. They say that they sweep up about 10 thousand dollars a year that fall off the walls. They turn them in to the treasury department , because they have been written on, the treasury gives them a voucher back and they donate it to charity. Very cool. We left ours taped to a big fish.

See the above picture of said fish. We all had a great time. Yes even the dog. See above picture mom.

Well I had A pretty good mothers day. We visited my husbands 92 year old grandmother. And my mom as well. I think it is amazing that at 92 she still lives alone does all of the house work, cooking, lawn work. at least all that she wants to. The rest she convinces us that we really want to do it. She is so gooood at it to. You never no what hit you. We all flipped her mattress, moves a couple of nightstands, fixed a window, and the boys cleaned her gutters. Wow she had a great mothers day. She is an awesome lady. I'm lucky to have married into such a great family as they have shared their prize possession with me. And it is extra special that my young son gets to spend so much time with his great grandmother. That I think is becoming rare. So how does this connect to sailing. My husband and I call this the point of relativity game. Things sometime occur to you mid conversation and the other person may not always see the link between the two. So here is the point of relativity. Its hard to leave home for an extended time when our grandmother may not be with us much longer and we would have taken the opportunity away from our son to spend time with her. But on the other hand she could live another 10 years, she's very healthy, then it would be another loved one and another. I'm at a loss. My husband has a large family mine not so big. We could take them all with us? Naaaaa We could visit home often? Wouldn't make it far that way. Naaaaa. How bout send postcards and emails?

Now for more reasons to sail away today.
16. no grass to mow. It has finally started raining here after about 2 months of drought and fire watch. You know it will start growing. Weeds anyway .
17.No truck to wash. Have you ever had to scrub love bugs off the front of a vehicle. ICK.
18. Fresh fish. Their wasn't any at our store the other day.
19.Sun. My tan has suffered lately I think I'm working to much.
20 The beach every day. I remember driving home after our month in the Bahamas last summer and my son asking what beach we were going to tomorrow. I had to break his heart and explain that I had to work the next day and we could not go to the beach. His reply was how bout the next day? Kids you gotta love them.


oreneta said...

It is definately one of the binds about going away...we also left a 92 year old great aunt, who is like a grandmother...she's 95 now, and visiting in Europe as I guarantee that will happen for you, but it is for sure that Robbie will grow up, and the window for doing this will close...

that was our reasoning anyway. Hard nonetheless.

That dog must LOVE the beach...dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig.....

Anonymous said...

Awesome family....especially the dog!! Love the Aqua toes....Guess who?