Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well it's been over a month since I last posted. A lot of work has been happening on the boat in preparation for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas. We also participated in a Christmas boat parade last night here at home . The parade is something we look forward to every year we always get a great deal of applause , we love it, it is probably because were the biggest boat to join in. There were all sizes this year even a jet ski. We were still the best. Not that I'm prejudiced at all.

We pressure washed the decks and sides. Then I started painting the decks. I'm torn between Huck Finn and the Dunkin donut guy. The never ending fence that must be white washed. Time to make the donuts. It seems like It is always time to paint the boat. I actually painted a spot last week that has never been painted in the over 5 years that we have owned her. She is looking fabulous though.

We seem to have a long list of social engagements this year. Add in Soccer practice and games, work, Doctor appointments, and Planning our Christmas/birthday party. My older son and I both have a birthday next week on the same day even. He will be 19 and I will be just a little older:)

So that brings us to !!!!!

Reason #55 to go sailing

Were you invited to a party or gathering and you really don't feel like attending? OH I'm so sorry we won't be here were sailing at first light. SOOOOOO SOORRRRYYYY. NOT!!!

Here our some pics of my beautiful boat being prepped to sail and in the boat parade. Waddy takes amazing photos. Doesn't he? Check out his new photo gallery.


T and the Boys

This is our home port at sunset.

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oreneta said...

Oh ohohohoh, I know what you mean about Huck Finn, even Oreneta seemed pretty darned endless sometimes, and I know how small she of the advantages of living here is that we don't have many social engagements at all. It is very restfull...reason 55 is a good one...