Saturday, December 15, 2007

I had 25 people in my house today! That's a bunch even for me. I average 15 so 25 was a lot. Add to this the fact that we have the remnants of tropical storm Olga passing over us and it makes for a beautiful day. Actually it was a great day. It stopped raining about the time my guest started arriving and if it drizzled a little no one noticed. There was an abundance of food and drink and rum. Have I mentioned my affection for rum lately? I got two bottles of rum as birthday presents and one as a Christmas gift today. All the right size and in my favorite color. Sailors no that the best presents can be eaten or drank or put in a blender and drank.

I had most of my family with me today. I missed those of you who couldn't be here. I have the family God gave me. The one I chose to marry and spend the rest of my life with and the best of all, the family that you choose. That would be my very bestest friend Sallie and her children.

I guess I had too much rum today and it is making me a bit sappy. I thought I had a big family growing up. I DIDN'T!! I do now. I sure didn't know what I was missing. I wouldn't trade ya'll for nothing. Maybe a new boat but that would be about it. HAHA!

So here are some more reasons to go sailing.

Reason 56
I can't miss you if I don't leave.

Have I mentioned rum lately?

Reason 57
My dog wants to go sailing.

Reason 58

You can't see stuff like this on land.

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oreneta said...

It was your birthday wasn't it? I knew it was around about now...I am so sorry I didn't e-mail you a happy birthday too... here it is now.

You have got to go own island if you like rum that much, somewhere out there there is a rum guide to the islands, complete with factiry tours. Oh my.

Those pictures make my heart ache, just a little bit. Well, kind of a lot actually.

ah well.

Happy Birthday.