Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I cant sleep

So it is 3:17 am and I cant sleep!!!

My husband is snoring like a freight train. I have tried counting backward from like a zillion.
Counting sheep. Shooting sheep. I took sleeping pills a couple of hours ago. Didnt work. I am really confused how a human being can make so much noise in his own head and not wake up. I was really thinking of putting a pillow over his head. So I got up and came down stairs to check my friends blog that is in spain. Oreneta Aground. Im not sure how to make this a link. My mind is a bit fuzzy. Buy she always has the most thought provoking comentaries on life. You should check it out. AND she just got a new camera so Im hoping to see lots of pics af Spain. I would love to visit there. Theres something to dream about.

I have had areally busy week.
Where I work ,A large cattle ranch, has had a couple of big events. This past Friday we served about 260 people lunch. Thats every employee the mother company has. The occasion was 1 million man hours without a lost time accident. WOW
Then the very next day we served about 578 people a big dinner. And Im talking big. 14oz newyork strip steak, swamp cabbage, baby green limas, new red potatoes, rolls, sweet iced tea, there was also as apps swamp cabbage fritters corn on the cob grown on our ranch that was picked the day before YUM and BBQ sausage. Oh yah and a full bar. YEH. Did I mention this is A working cattle ranch. So this means drunk cowboys. Yeh again. Always fun to watch. So my friends abroad are probably a little confused by this menu. Yes Chris we ate 14oz of rare beef right off the grill. Prepared by wacking large slabs beef into slightly large slabs of beef. Seasoning
and grilling just long enough to leave marks on each side. New red potatos and lima beans are self explanatory but swamp cabbage you say what is this swamp cabbage you talk of??
This is actually the heart of the local cabbage palm that grows here in abundance. The men folk go off into the woods with chainsaws, hatchets and other emplements of injury. Cut down the tree. Then they boot it. Pull the outside husks off. Not an easy job Im told. Put in the back of a pick up truck and haul back to main building my dining hall. This is about a 2 day job as it took 2 full pick up trucks full. Then they trim it down to just the center or heart of the palm. Chop it up and put it in a large pot really large pot with fat back , bacon , onions and seasoning and boils slowly until tender. Its actually pretty good.
Fritters are the swamp cabbage after its cooked mixed into a thick batter and deep fried kinda like a hush puppy. Very yummy.

Well i got off the subject a bit and now I could really go for a midnight snack except its about 3:45 AM Maybe breakfast.
So my week was really busy planning these 2 events as the guy Im told is my boss this week, Thats a whole nother post, has not been here long enough to have planned one of these events yet. So a lot of the ordering of groceries has fallen on me. Thats a whole lot of food that has to be brought in to dining room that is used on a daily basis to feed 30 cowboys, fence crew and mechanics. Also paper plates, cups, napkins, salt ,pepper, ect ect,....
Why they planned these 2 days one after other is beyond me. They didnt have to do the work. They being THE BOSSES. Well they saved money on tent rental. It take a large one for that many people. Oh and porta potties, tables and chairs and ect ect..
For the most part I love my job. I really do. The men I cook for everyday are very thankful to get a hot lunch and are easy to get along with. They have become like a part of my family. I know what they like , what they don't, I know when they are fighting with their wifes, when their kids are sick, when the mother inlaw is visiting you get the idea. The last time we spent a month on the boat I was so worried about leaving them that I had A dream that we took them and my crazy cat along with us. When I told my husband about the dream he said "O.K they can come but the cat stays home"! :) They were all fine when we got home. One of the cowboys wifes had agreed to fill in for me and she fed them pretty well. But they were all glad to see me.
Which has as always led us to our boat.
We have recently started planning our summer sails.
I dont think we will take the time off this year that we did last year. UGH. But we our going to try to take a week or 2 and go to The Dry Tortugas. Thats off the west coast of the Florida Keys. Its is the small island chain that is home to Fort Jefferson and an old light house. Thats about it. Its dry as in now fresh water. No wonder the military didnt use that Fort for very long. It was a prison for a short time. But the snorkeling and fishing is awesome. And it has a great anchorage. The boys and a couple of friends stopped out there when we went to the Bahamas last year before my husband picked me up in the Keys. They got off the boat and I and my father inlaw got on. This enabled me to work an extra week and them to see what was going to brake before we left the states. I will try to upload some pictures of Fort Jefferson and maybe that pot we cook the cabbage in.
4:03 Am maybe I will try to take a nap before I go to work.
By for now
well i cant find the pics Ill look later
Look I found them.


oreneta said...

Hi, its great to read your post husband doesn't snore, but he periodically sounds like someone is strangling him, strange gutteral noises and intermittent gasping breaths. I have learned to ignore that, it is all pretty quiet. I am pretty sure that by now someone could break into the house and strangle him in the bed and I wouldn't wake up unless he really flailed around an awful lot.

How do they do that?

You made swamp cabbage for us when we were there for thanksgiving, it was amazing. My mind boggles at the thought of trying to cook for all those people back to back. And all those drunk cowboys. goodness.

It'll make provisioning the boat look like a walk in the park.

I must say those steaks and that whole feed sound AMAZING...mmmmmm.

Thanks for the mention by the way...

oreneta said...

Ooooo, I wish I'd seen that photo before. The dry Tortugas look very very cool...

Anonymous said...

Blue nail polish?? Makes you look dead.

I was there for the 14 oz. steaks and all. Terrie is amazing - she is one person and does the work of a whole team.

Oh, and she didn't mention the home made ice cream in 6 flavors or the annual fun the cowboys have shooting whole watermelons from a cannon towards a wagon full of hay.

I love the ice cream, but the watermelon cannon is puzzling to me. Probably because I am a Northerner and have only been here in the South for 4 years.

Southerners definitely have a culture unlike anywhere else! By the way, I love it here!