Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Robbies new boat

So whenever anyone asks Robbie who boat is that (wahine)? He always with a big grin would say "thats MY boat" so we finally found a boat that a six year old boy and his mother who is just really learning how to sail can handle. These pictures are of Robbies first lesson. Which was far less eventful then what I guess could be called the shakedown cruise. My husband and I launched the boat near where we bought it and were going to take it up river to where we keep Wahine. Not far just a few miles. The wind was ripping and I (remember I'm still learning) thought this was going to be great. Well what I didn't keep in mind was this little boat was not Wahine. There was actually to much wind. Never thought of that! Oh yah did I mention it was cold. Really cold for Florida. We tipped the boat almost over and it was completely swamped. We did verify by doing this that it would indeed not sink in this event. Did I mention it was cold. So we bailed and we bailed and we bailed. She was really clean when we were through. Robert made some adjustments and away we went. I had never been in a boat this small and I would have to say it was quite invigorating, or maybe I was just really cold. We did make it to the boat dock at the marina without any more dousings. It was actually a lot of fun. Don't tell Robert I admitted that. Robert and Robbie have fallen in love with that little boat and I'm sure I will to once I figure it out. I should probably think of a name for her. What do you think?

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oreneta said...

You are so brave!!!! What a great little sounds like you did smashingly well on your first go! Yahooo.