Friday, April 6, 2007

just venting

My husband is for the most part a very witty man. If you read his last post I'm sure you gat a chuckle but not for the same reason I did.
So let me vent for a minute.

First The lawn. I mow the lawn usually. He piles "stuff" in it. He leaves "stuff" laying all over it and claims " I was gonna pick it up" Really

Second The boat kinda found us its a Karma thing.

Next Inadequate tools HAH between my husband and his dad who is usually with us those two could make major repairs on a battle ship. And as far as space goes our lovely boat is very spacious its not like he has to stand on his head to work on the engine. You can do jumping jacks in our bathroom.
And We our on the verge of making enough power to sell the surplus.
So when my husband talks about the difficult time sailors have I think he must be talking about OTHER sailors, things hes seen on OTHER boats, or helped to fix on OTHER boats. Not our Wahine who is almost perfect (in our minds) that we should probably change her name to Mary Poppins. Heck she has more cabinets than the first place Robert and I lived in when we were married.

Now if we could just stop running out of water!
Love ya Honey

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oreneta said...

I'm glad it rained anyway....

did I ever mention how much water we used?

We met one guy at the yard who went through 60 gallons in about 2 days...I honestly have no idea what he was doing, he was single handing fer cryin' out loud. We were well off the other end of the screen....30 gallons for about 30 days for the four of us....this guy, Mike, and I looked at each other...both stunned.