Friday, April 6, 2007

So you want to live on a sailboat?

So you want to live on a sail boat?

Sounds like fun!
No yard to mow, if you don't like the neighbors you just up the anchor, it smaller than a house even a small one so it is easier to keep up with right?
First you have to find one that you can live with.
Now that you've found "your" boat you have to work on it, even the new ones. You should get used to it because from the minute you you call yourself a boat owner your work begins some times even before that. Odds are good that "your" boat will have been someones boat before it was your boat, so the first thing you feel like doing is cleaning, some thing else you should get used to. After that you need to look into every part of the boat, this part is fun, you never know what you are going to find.

Ok, so far this sounds like moving into a house right.
Remember all the stuff you found while you were cleaning Your boat , you cant put it in the yard that you don't have to mow. And the cleaning well it is not like a house, how often do you clean the ceiling,walls,floors,outside walls,roof,and foundation of your house????

Wow this is a lot of work.

How does this sound . Just for fun, lets pretend that we are going to live on the boat, go get all the stuff you think you will need for a week to live in you home, food ,water, clean laundry and entertainment and put all of this into one room. Now turn off the power to your house, for a week you are going to use a 2kw gen set. for the sake of fairness anythings that you have forgotten will have to be retrieved using a wagon, you know the Little red one. If it makes you feel better you can make little motor sounds it is now your tender. Hey better start the gen set your food is getting hot. Speaking of hot food, how are we going to cook? Gas stove, bar-b-que? Get the wagon you forgot charcoal for the grill. Hey while you were out the gen set ran out of gas, bet you thought it would last longer. Back to the wagon. Don't cheat you have to pull the wagon to the store, not just to the car.

Now that you'r back lets eat,and do the dishes. tired yet? Better fill the gen set the food is getting hot. Now that the food is getting cold lets relax for awhile. If we were on the boat something somewhere on the boat would need to be fixed, oiled, greased, tightened, loosened, cleaned, put away, or at the very least looked at. Well what are we going to do now? SLEEP.

In the morning you can do it all over again except you'll need to pick a major appliance, disassemble it ( with inadequate tools ), reassemble it, and repeat until it works again.

After a week of this you will have a working knowledge of most things in your house, realize that you use too much power and water, you will go to bed earlier wake up earlier ( the gen set needs to be started ) and you will realize that you need to make some changes to the way that you live.
If you ae wondering "is it worth it" look at some of the pictures in this blog.

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oreneta said...

Haw Haw Haw Haw haw haw haw hee hee hee. LOL funny.

So true, although we never had a genset or a fridge...and we rowed the wagon, so we don't get to make the fun puttering noises...