Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Best Friends Wedding

So my best friend got married today.
Well I just got derailed in what I was about to write. As I JUST sat down to type, my 6 year olds wails from the upstairs alerts me that he has hurt himself. By the time I run upstairs I here my husband saying" what did you cut yourself on?" he replys "I DONT KNOOOWW?" My husband says "thats gonna need stitches". All this happens in the time it takes me to climb one flight of stairs. When I get there ,there is my naked son sitting on the landing ,he had been in the bath tub, holding his foot that has an inch long gash on his ankel. So you have to ask the all important question. Scar or stitches? My little one cries scar scar scar. Hes never even had stitches but he knows he doesnt want them. Amazing.

So you wanna go cruising? Here is a good practice drill. Raise a couple of (insert here)children, pets, husbands. They are always hurting them selfs or are sick. Whip out the handy dandy first aid kit. My son calls it the boo boo box. And apply handy dandy stera strip Or some call it butterfly tape. First aid creme and band aid. Wah Lah All better. Mooommmm my boo boo hurts I need ice cream. Now its all better!

Now what I was gonna tell you was that my best friend got married today. We have been best friends since second grade WOW. So the last few days have been crazy and i havent had time to talk to you. So here are my thoughts for the day.

You just never know how things are gonna turn out. She has been married before has 4 children from 2 different guys. He has never been married no children. And i have been worried for sometime that this was not the guy for her. He is gonna want kids some day. well as it turns out he did want kids someday. And now he has four of them that i truly beleive that he loves as his own. And as I sit wondering MoMMMM I need a drink.

So as i sit here wondering how im gonna get the gunk out of my hair and rubbing my aching feet. I think back to second grade. Well i cant really remember second grade so all through grade school high school. Births, divorces, marriages, deaths and all the things we have been through together. How have I managed to keep such an awesome friend for so long. She is more my sister than my sister.We can talk everyday or not see each other for a month and she is always with me. In my heart, mind, and spirit. I have been told it is rare to have such a lengthy friendship. I have a couple of other friends from grade school but their the kind of relationships that take a lot of work. She is the friend that is always there no questions asked when you need her. Pick you up , take you home, Or bury the body whatever the need may be.
I have A stange ,but nice, Contentment setting in that she is happy ,this man loves her and her children and all is right with the world.
So they say good things come to those who wait, OR, everyone gets what they deserve in the end, OR at first you dont succeed, try and try again OR never give up. Pick one:)

Well you knew it would happen. This turns to sailing. Thats a little less I will worry about with my best friend happily married, when we sail off on our great adventure. OK thats a fat lie!
I will always worry. Thats what I do.
Life is a big adventure.
The adventure continues.
Rambling from an exhausted mind.

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oreneta said...

Have you ever tried to put in stitches??? I got lessons on some poor beat up (already dead from the grocery store) chicken before we left...I know the man couldn't do it, nor the eldest. The youngest was a LITTLE young, so I figured I'd have to stitch myself if the need came up....

Note to self...NEVER slice open my right hand.

Know what I did 8 days BEFORE we left last time? Yup, sliced open the inside of my thumb on my right hand! I thanked the Emerg doctor who put in the six stitches over and over and over...


So glad your friend is doing well.

Go to sleep.