Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who Knows?

So I think schedules are way overrated however a routine is nice to have. Knowing what is coming and trying to be prepared. Knowing you never really are because what you think is on its way is usually derailed by something else. And even though I know that what I'm prepared for will not be the only thing I have to deal with it make me feel a little better having my aforementioned false since of security. Who knows maybe I'll make a list! That always makes me feel better.

I have subbed at both the High School and the Middle schools now and never get what I am expecting. Last week I had P.E. at the High School. Stood all day in the hot sun (100 degrees) with a bunch if bratty kids. Today I had P.E. at the middle school and went prepared sunscreen and all and spent the entire day in the gym with good kids shivering. Go figure!
Who can guess what tomorrow might bring?

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oreneta said...

Oh Hon, you are taking on a tough job. PE substiuting for high school kids in the Florida sun in August, that has got to be a fairly good definition of a really rough day....