Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things that bug me!

Lets just jump right to the main point of this blog!

reasons to sail off into the sunset

#46 phones that ring when you sit down to eat with your family

#47 barking dogs , That are not mine. Heck I'm not sure who they belong to.

#48 because it's to dam hot to do anything else

So my little man went back to school yesterday. Without a fight and with some enthusiasm. Go figure! I have decided to work at the locals schools as a substitute teacher. With some enthusiasm and without a fight. I hope that this will be fun and let me be flexible with my time and be able to do the things I want and need to do without always feeling guilty about taking time off from work. I need a job where they don't depend on me. I'm not saying that I'm not dependable. I just don't want to be IT. So when we decide to go sailing I can just go. Doesn't that sound idea:) Who knows it might even work.

The phone rang twice during dinner. Neither caller was anyone I wanted to talk to. It's like they can see you cooking and wait until you sit down. Then they call.

I was upstairs folding clothes when I here what sounds like something being killed. I look out the window and there are 2 beagles running around the yard yipping and baying and generally making an extreme amount of noise. I HATE IT. You heard me Audrey! HATE IT! People who can't keep up with their pets should be put on leashes. Come to find out that the people who live behind and down a couple had people over or family or something who owned these dogs. When I had first looked out the upstairs window and saw them those people were outside and I know they heard it if I did , I was inside and I heard it. By the time I was sick of hearing it and went out to investigate they were down the other way ,even farther, from where they belonged barking. And what do they do when they finally realize their dogs are gone. They send the very small 5 year old to get them. Who I might add is not even familiar with these dogs. My son had to help him get the animals home. In the midst of this here comes the boys 2 or 3 year old sister around the corner ALONE. So I think they all might need a new leash!!!

And it was almost 100 degrees today and to hot to do much.

We should all go sailing.
This is our baby Scooby who almost never runs around annoying the neighbors.


oreneta said...

Doesn't sound like a good time at all....the man may show up down there in a week or so, we aren't sure....

sharky said...

I gotta agree about people letting their dogs run all over the neighborhood. In our community, dogs are forbidden to run free, but people who live nearby regularly turn their dogs loose and they head right into our park. Word is the the dogs belong to the same the same woman who left her dog in the hot car at a local restaurant a couple of weeks ago, requiring a rescue by the Humane Officer.

But, frogs are a different story, not to mention innocent tadpoles!