Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer Time Blues

Well here I am. Still in the same place. Not going anywhere fast. A lot is happening around here and yet I'm not accomplishing much. As you know my niece from West Virginia has been visiting. But she has gone home now. My little guy has had his 7th Birthday and time marches on. I have to confess that I am a list maker. Precise and exact. Do item one check it off 2 check it off. Not that it ever happens that way. Well maybe up to about number 2. Then jahsdfsdfas where is the D#@$M list. I haven't a clue. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Oreneta blogged once about if you want to know where you won't be in life in 5, 10 years make a plan of where you want to be in life write it down. This is where I want to be in x amount of years and one thing for sure. You won't be there! Well I think the route of my problem is that I recently lost my job. This job was great at first. Then it started not being so perfect. And most recently it has truly sucked. So I shouldn't miss it. But I do. After the first few days of sulking I started making mental lists of all the projects around my house and at the Womens Club that I would finally have time to complete. After I get these things done then I would look for work. At the rate I'm going I will be able to collect social security first. I think I actually got more done when I was working. We are fixing up a mobile home that we have owned a long time so that we can rent it out. And were really making progress. Slowly. I need to do some serious cleaning and organizing around my house. Now that I'm here more often it's getting on my nerves. Its way to cluttered. I have curtains to make. My truck needs a really good detailing and the weeds have control of the flower boxes. Well the first step is knowing what needs to be done. So with that said I must be headed in the right direction!
Reasons to go sailing???? I'm really struggling for one today. How about
#44 Because I want to.
#45 The boys say they NEED to

This is the pancake that my big 7 year old had for breakfast on his birthday. Yep those are chocolate chips.

This is his birthday cake I made him. Always a pirate at heart.

And this is a water lilly in my little fish pond.

Sorry I have not been here as often as I should be. Now that I'm a lady of leisure you would think I would try harder. Well, I will put it at the top of the list.

By for now

T and the boys

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oreneta said...

Oooo, sorry about the job, I think...

I will put something on a list if I complete it but realise it never made it onto a list just so that I can cross it off.

I always feel a little silly and neurotic when I do it, but it just feels so good.

Blame the heat for not doing so much. It must be fierce down there about now...