Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Awesome pictures

Well were home. Again.

The wedding was nice. I saw people that I miss bunches. And we had a great visit. But a 6 hour ride after jumping off the boat was a bit much. We got home Sunday at about 10ish pm. Fell into bed and worked the next morning. The first day back at work after vacation always sucks. And it did. SUCKED. A bunch. I think I need a vacation. Day 2 wasn't to bad. Day 3 was bearable. But I can't wait for the weekend to get here.

My house is a wreck and my laundry isn't done. I finally bought a few groceries we were out of everything. I mowed the lawn today as it was knee deep. I didn't want to loose the dog in it. It will probably take me a few weeks to get back in a routine. I don't think I had this much trouble after I had been gone a month last year. 2 weeks and I'm A mess. So this is proof that a vacation doesn't work unless it is at least a month long.

So here we go. Reasons to go sailing.

#41 no messy house to come home to

#42 laundry can't pile up there's simply no room for it

#43 My honey says " because work sucks"

now for the pics

This is actually a sunrise. No I wasn't up but Waddy was.

The water was so calm that it looked like glass. The people on the beach our 21 cuban refugees that came ashore over night. They were found the same morning we landed. The next night there was 25 on Garden Key. 141 in 30 days were found in the Dry Tortugas. I can't even start to imagine a life so bad that you would give up everything and cross the gulf stream in an open raft that has so many people in it that it is just barely floating. I also think that if all the Cubans that have come to America bound together and went home that they could take their country over.

Fort Jefferson is an awesome sight.
This is the light house on top of Fort Jefferson.

The shark is at Loggerhead Reef. The water is amazingly clear you can see EVERTHING.

More pictures next time. They get better. Thanks Waddy.


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