Sunday, July 1, 2007

Where are we ? or Who cares!

Well we have made it as far as Little Torch Key. I think they call this spot New Found Harbor. It is beautiful here. We leave early in the morning for the big crossing to Fort Jefferson. We will be able to spend a couple of days there before heading home. We are all looking forward to fireworks at the fort. My little guy has a stash of his own. He can hardly wait to set them off. Little boys love to blow things up. Well I guess that's all boys love to blow thing up. The big boys also have a stash of fireworks that little guy does not know about. He will be so stoked.Waddy has been taking a ton of pictures. I have read a bunch of useless trash. And enjoyed every minute of it. We had some so so sailing today. Hoping for better tomorrow. The niece is probably bored but i think she knows its better than being home. Sailing is a good lesson in patients and amusing your self.
Reason # 37 to go sailing Sunsets and as soon as I'm where the internet is cooperating I will post some awesome pictures.
T and the boys

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oreneta said...

sunrises are pretty good too, so glad your out!