Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reason #52
Travelling and not having to watch the road

This morning at 5am.yep AM I got up and took my father inlaw to the airport. First it should be illegal to travel anywhere at this time of morning. Or at least before you/I have had coffee,tea , caffeine of some sort. Then I came straight back to the house. Total travel time 5 hours. Where I accomplished very little, no wait, none of the things on any of my lists. I did have a nice visit with my papa and listened to some rockin 80s music with the sunroof open on the way back. But was basically on hold.
I am going to Arkansas with a friend tomorrow and we have a lot to get done in one day. She is moving there and we had a lot to pack still. So when we leave tomorrow back to being on hold 25 hours, or so, of driving. Concentrating on the road. Can't read when your driving. No surfing the net. No cleaning but that's not a bad thing.
Here it comes you know it would. When your sailing underway to a new amazing place you can get an amazing number of things accomplished and still make headway to your destination. Boat maintenance, cooking, cleaning,reading, maybe some correspondence. So for all of those who think were off loafing sailing being bums maybe this is really a whole new 0f way to look at multi tasking!
Go Sailing!!!

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oreneta said...


I always hate driving cause you are on hold. I never phrased it so clearly, but that's it. Nothing you can do but drive.

Not on a boat though...heh heh heh heh heh