Wednesday, September 26, 2007

reasons to sail off into the sunset
#51 more time to read

I love to read. If no one bothered me I would read all day. I love stormy weather when you must turn off all electronics for fear of lightning. I GET TO READ. yah I will read anything.And I do mean anything. I always finish a book when I start it. Even when its bad. I might throw it across the room when the plot doesn't go like I think it should. But I go get it and finish it. I must confess that I usually read smut as my husband refers to it. The trashier the better. But throw in a good murder or some deception and I'm in. Recently however, with not working regular hours, I am reading faster than my favorite authors (Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown)can write so I have had to venture out. I have been known to wonder around the public Library and just pick a book off the shelves. Maybe it was hanging off the edge or the cover was really cool. Recently my very well read friend and another sailor said she enjoyed the book The Kite Runner. So off to the library I went to retrieve it. I loved it. Read it in to days. I was completely engrossed in the characters. Next I will read another of the books she referred to on her blog. Prodigal Summer by Barbera Kingsolver. So far so good.
So if you want to help keep me out of the trashy paperbacks send me suggestions for good reads. I don't really want to like learn anything unless it's woven into an awesome plot with some murder ,sex and mayhem thrown in for good measure.
But honestly
I will read anything

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oreneta said...

I think you will LOVE the Kingsoliver books....soooo good. I just finished a fantastic one set in China...give me a moment I will come up with the title....I just gave it away so I cannot look it up.


Got it...Snow flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.

It made me squirm in one spot when the main character was getting her feet bound. (Oh MY GOD that must have been absolutely horrific) But was great.

I am glad you enjoyed the Kite Runner, it still haunts me. I found it kind of a tough read, but really good.

Is it getting a little cooler and drier down there yet?