Tuesday, October 9, 2007

When you go on vacation you always feels like you need a vacation from your vacation when you come home. Right. You have to catch up on the laundry. UGH. I hate laundry. Rush to get ready to go back to work because you stayed gone till you must go back to work. Work UGH. So here the thing about sailing off into the sunset. I HOPE, or so I'm told. You vacation on a beautiful island only to pick up anchor and leisurely sail to another exotic interesting destination. No rush no stress. Sounds great don't it.
The trip to Arkansas was good. Not great but good. We drove almost straight there about 24 hours. We were hauling a pretty big trailer. But on the way back we stopped in Alabama to see the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile Alabama. Really cool ,big, old boat. My little guy touched, turned, moved, and or played with every switch, knob, and lever on this entire vessel. And there is a bunch. The U.S.S. Drum is also located in the same place. The Drum is a retired submarine that you can also tour. Have you ever been on a Sub? I have. We even got to look through the periscope. The park also has a large collection of planes and tanks. This is a must do if your ever in Mobile AL.
The Ozarks are really lovely. The reminded me of the mountains in West Virginia. Lots of old barns. We saw cotton fields fully loaded in Mississippi. Catfish farms in Louisiana. Cypress trees in Arkansas. I didn't know they had cypress trees in Arkansas. Did you?
My son learned to spell Mississippi and see the Mississippi and overall had a great time. Except having to do his school work on the road. I think he really thought he would get out of it. No such luck for him.
Oh yah we also visited a really cool art gallery in AR. Called Bluebird House or Terra studios that had a glass blower doing demos and lots of great pottery and sculpture. Here is there web address http://www.terrastudios.com/ check them out. Awesome stuff.

Well here are some pics I took of are trip. Cotton fields, sculptor at Terra, battleship, and my little gut checking out the boat stuff. Enjoy!


oreneta said...

Oooohhhh, what a great trip...that boat sounds awesome. yes, vacations you need a vacation from, though some days also suck in paradise, and laundry still needs to be done...but you are so right..the stress level is way down, most days, and you can see each other. Which I love.

oreneta said...
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oreneta said...

Common honey....let us know what you're up to....'nother post please ;-)