Saturday, April 5, 2008

This will be short I think. I have to run back to the ball park for Robbies first Little League Game of the season. YAH !! But the truth of the matter is I won't be running anywhere. Not for a little while. I fell last Sunday night stepping off the dock onto our boat. I think the wind must have shifted and I missed my step. I don't remember tripping or catching my foot on anything so that is my only excuse. I face planted as my son would call it. My teeth did a number on both lips. Thankfully they didn't break. Also I must have landed hard on my shin because instantly a huge lump came up about the size of a softball. We had it x-rayed and found no breaks. I have developed some lovely discoloration and the swelling has only gone down a bit. I have to admit that this really knocked me out of commission for several days. Now the mouth hurts more that the leg unless I'm up to much.

I finished Pillars of the Earth before the accident and I have to say that is was GREAT. Someone said that there might be a part 2 I'm going to look. Sometimes when you get to the end of a book the author has concluded the story and it feels finished and you say that was a good story. Then others you say "that's it" what happens next???? I want to know what happens next.
While I was down this week I finished I Take This Land by Richard Powell. Good story. I enjoy books that take place in my own back yard it helps you relate to the characters in the story.

Has anyone read the book Oprah is pushing this week? It is supposed to be life altering. It would take an awful lot to be life altering for me.

Did you know that you can't lick your own elbow. You also can not touch your ear with your elbow. Who knew!

Well gotta go!

time to play ball

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oreneta said...


Everything on a boat is both hard and sharp....*wince*

There is a second book, I think it is called world without end, and it just came out - here in Spain, in translation, so it may have been out for longer there. Glad you liked it.