Monday, April 14, 2008

watermellon cannons

We sure had big fun on Saturday! We launched watermelons. Watermelons you say? How do you do that you might ask? Well first you need a high tech watermelon cannon with an 8 inch barrel. Then you need a box full of watermelon and an air compressor. Which we happen to have on hand.

My father in law ,whose pictures you often see on this blog, with the help of my husband Robert built an air cannon several years ago to compete in the Punkin Chunkin World Championship. I can't make up something like that here's their web sight you have to check it out the cannons name is Spooky Bazooky if you look in the 2002 photo gallery that was the year I went. There are some cute pics of Robbie about age 2 in a wheel barrel. Spooky Bazooky is bright blue and there are many pictures of it.

Anyway my father in law is often invited or hired to come to events to entertain guests with the cannon. In Florida pumpkins are hard to come by so we shoot watermelons. Last Saturday Alico Ranch had it's annual company picnic with over 400 people attending and those cowboys love the cannon. I think this is the 3rd year we have launched there. I used to be the ranch chef there and I really enjoyed attending the picnic without having to do all the work it takes to feed that many people. This is an old home page for the cannon it is out of date but has neet pictures. if you go to this blog Waddy is talked about in the post labeled gambling with vegetables. This was kinda the start of his obsessions with launching melons.

Waddy was also an expert on the show Junk Yard Wars. They did an episode about air cannons. This is an interview with Waddy.

I have to confess that launching watermelons is addictive and that my entire family counts themselves as Melon Musketeers.

We love you PAPA!

This is Robert and Robbie loading the cannon last Saturday.

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oreneta said...

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!! Some day I have to watch that baby go off!

So great, I am going to link over to this tomorrow! You guys are fantastic.
Love the thoughtful content ;-) It's got me thinking that's for sure.