Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OH SO Much!

First, I was over at Oreneta's blog , see link on the side bar, and she has a video posted about a man doing amazing volunteer work at his local schools. I can't even put it into words. So go to Oreneta or directly to this link and check this stuff out. I hope it will inspire even one person to volunteer. It doesn't have to be at school either. Go to a library or daycare or help a niece or nephew who might just need a few minutes of one on one adult interaction that will let him know that he is important and what he thinks does count.

Second. Back to Oreneta her girls are amazing and have created their own blog. I think they get a lot of one on one time! Check them out to. It was very informative and creative. That Snow White who knew?
You can find the link on orenetas blog. Free Spirit your guys are really going to enjoy this sight. Girls keep up the good work. And that thing about the Easter Bunny? I really need to know!
Finally my reading. I slowed a bit this week. I read one trashy novel that the name eludes me but I did go to the Library today and check out The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follet and I Take this Land by Richard Powell. Oreneta you are right about one thing if the Pillars book falls off the head board and hits you, you will definitely have a black eye. These two hefty reads should keep my mind bust a little while. But maybe not for long as I'm not sleeping well lately. Maybe the book will fall on my head and knock me out. I will start one of these tomorrow when I finish with my current trashy novel.

Oh ya and I made the coolest business cards for Wahine today. You know with our email and address and stuff on them, these are the pictures I used for the back grounds on my cards which one do you like the best?
This picture was off the beach in Bimini.

Don't I have perty toes? Cayo Costa FL.

Waddy took this one near Fort Myers I think.

By for now



oreneta said...

You have REALLY pretty toes! Use all three? We know folks who have cards with different images on them and they hand them out whichever....

The pillars of the earth is good...I thought...I think you'll like it, and despite it's weight, it isn't as heavy as the kite runner...let me know what you think.

Priscilla said...

As for business cards, multiple scenes/designs are AWESOME! I have multiple scenes/designs on mine!
AND YES your toes are PRETTY!!!! I am a fan of "purty" toes! I like mine being "purty" too.. Just don't always have a cam and an ocean available! :-)
Your toes look awesome in that pic!!!

oreneta said...

Hi there, me again. Have you ever read Viktor E. Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning'? Now there is a book you HAVE to read.
It isn't a novel but it is an amazing mind read. How goes the pillars?