Monday, March 14, 2011

How many jobs is too many?
I am currently...
1st A mom and really awesome Mom too.
2ND Home school teacher.
A really hard teacher I'm told.
3rd Wife The best wife Robert ever had :)
4Th Care giver for my Mom and Roberts Grandma who is 96.
Which reminds me I forgot to go by and take in my
moms trash cans. I'm in trouble now.
5Th A chef.
6Th A substitute teacher.
7Th Landscaper
8Th Accountant
9Th Farmer
10Th Chicken keeper
11Th Dog Walker
12Th Dish washer
Why can't men run water in a dish
when they put it in the sink?
13Th Garbage Man
14Th Best Friend I rock at this one.
15Th Boat repair and painter.
16Th Driver and delivery person.
17Th Appointment scheduler.
18Th Mover of friends furniture.
19Th Baby sitter of Grand kids and assorted nieces and nephews
20Th........Blogger!!! Yeah
I actually get paid for 3 of these. Can you guess which ones?

1 comment:

oreneta said...

You are also a really kind and funny person, though I am not sure anyone gets paid for that.