Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are you just marking time ? Or are you actually checking things off on your list?

Depends on what day you ask me. Most days I feel like I'm not making any progress on the Great List of things to do before we can sail off in to the sunset.
I sit here drinking a cup of tasty Dominican coffee that was a gift from a friend who was sailing the Caribbean. She is not currently sailing now and her boat sits as idle as ours. She had to go home and work. Which is my least favorite 4 letter word. What will I do when this coffee, now one of my favorites, is gone? I can't ask her to send more.
We sailed the Bahamas that first season we owned the boat and I think the first thing that comes to mind about that trip is the bread. You quickly run out of store bought bread when you take a extended trip on a sail boat. So off you go in search of ice and bread at every port of call. Ice was a given you knew it would be expensive and most of it would melt before you got it back to the boat. The bread however was an adventure in it's own. Go to this store, I was told. No, you must go to the straw market. You have to be there early or it will all be gone. You must place an order the day before. But we were not here the day before and may not be here tomorrow. Quickly I found it was worth the wait. Bimini bread is the best bread I have ever eaten! It never lasted long on the boat as we ate every morsel before it had the chance to get stale or heaven forbid moldy.
So I spent time with the local ladies, made a dear friend in Bimini, and learned who had the best bread in Alice town. I learned to slow down and enjoy a bit of the waiting. Waiting is not one of my strong points. It takes me weeks to adjust to being on the boat. Long extended periods of waiting. The destination I have planned and the things I will see and experience just as soon as the Captain sees fit in delivering us there in his meandering way. I really think some days he procrastinates just to torture me. Or maybe in his own way he is helping me to learn how to slow down. Naa I think he is just torturing me!
In somethings you can not wait. The boat is not going to fix its self and the things on the "list" will not go away. They must be done before we can leave. So as the Captain teaches me to slow down on the boat I must teach him to hurry up on land. I am almost out of coffee and can just smell the baking bread wafting across the gulf stream. Then of course there are those things yet to be discovered. There are 100"s of kinds of rum to sample before I can say without a doubt which is my favorite!
Honey time to go work on the boat!! HURRY!

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oreneta said...

Boat working season! SWEET!!! Almost as good as boat going season......