Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have discovered an all new level of boredom!

Having said that let me tell you about my new job.

This is the most boring job I have EVER HAD in all my life. I am working at a local Inn as the desk clerk. You check people in you check people out. If they could teach monkeys some personal hygiene they could take care of this. You answer the phone and any number of idiotic questions from the clientele in person and over the never ending ringing telephone. EXCEPT when I have the pleasure ,as I do tonight, of working the overnight shift. 12 am to 6 am. Then you do nothing. You sweep and vacuum generally tidy up. Did I mention the monkeys. About 5am I get to put out the continental breakfast. OOH AAAH. Why is it called that I wonder. Is it because they don't know what continent to blame it on? But I get to surf and blog and read my email. YAH You guys might get some interesting blogs at 3am. I'll have to remember to put my camera in my computer bag. I can only imagine what I might see around here at night. When I came to work yesterday morning at 5am there was a very drunk women out front of the hotel sitting on the curb, singing. You just never know.

I hope I don't have to work this shift often!
Do you ever feel like jumping?
Up or down? Here are some great jumping pictures. How old is to old to jump?
Maybe if I jump up and down a few times it will help keep me awake.
Well good night or maybe it's morning hell I don't know.
Robbie jumping a dirt hill.
My niece jumping on our trampoline.

The neighbor and a friend jumping on the trampoline.

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oreneta said...

Better than an unerground parking lot attendant in winter, at night, in NYC....

Least you'll get some blogging in and we might get some funny stories!

Nice to see your voice again.