Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It seems I was just here yesterday.

Here on my blog, but no it has been 14 days.

Here at this Hotel bored out of my mind. AAHHH yes that was just yesterday.

So I'm still working at the hotel and still way bored. Nothing strange or exciting ever happens here although the wind does blow the front doors around quite a bit and you think someone is coming in but no one is there.

The summer storms have started here and it rains every afternoon. This is great for my garden which is really growing fast. I am excited about my tomatoes. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Still haven't had much success with corn. Something is eating it. Maybe I will get pics posted soon of my veges.

The SV Free Spirit is heading into the Turks and Cacios steadily moving south. I wish them fair winds.

I wonder how much it is to fly to where they are? The rain has me in a rut and I need to see some blue water!!!

Reason # 67 to go sailing

If you don't like the weather. Wait a while and it's sure to change.
Here is a couple of pics of Robbie because they make me smile and I know you'll smile too.

Waddy titled this one Robbie's first wreck. I don't think he was quite 3 here and he loved to drive his little car.
This is Christmas morning and a new scooter. Again Waddy took this one. He looks like he going really, really fast. He is always going somewhere fast.
Hey honey your always saying that I'm going to have a hard time when we move onto the boat about slowing down. You better start worrying about your little man here.

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oreneta said...

Always so good to hear from won't have ANY problem with the pace on the boat....none.