Monday, April 20, 2009

I know ,I know I am a terrible blogger.
Where have I been? Around
What have I been doing? Stuff
Where are you going? UH Idontknow

Well, that's me lately, but as I was just typing it reminded me of my 20 year old son.
That's the kind of answers you get from kids. So maybe I'm just feeling young this spring!

I have actually been doing lots and not much at the same time.

My husbands 94 year old Grandmother who independently lives alone through her back out. So I've spent some time with her.

It's little league season which means I am either at baseball practice or at a baseball game.
I love baseball!

Went to the Marine Flea Market in Dania. FUN FUN FUN
Check out the pic of my little man in his new wet suit he had to try it out in the pool.
Wet suit 15$ Hours of entertainment priceless.

I got my taxes done last month! YAH but time consuming you don't get much else done.

Planted a garden with my son. And then watched it over the last 2 weeks sprout and THEN
this morning when I went out something had eaten my corn.

Went out on my father inlaws little boat Easter Sunday and Robbie fished a bit. This is the little boat we drug to the Bahamas last summer. It gets around.

Went to a Women's Club Convention in Orlando last weekend. Very motivational! You always come back wanting to jump back into your community service projects.

The LaBelle Community Woman's club is an organization that I am involved with locally but is State and Nation wide. Check out this link if you interested in what we do.


OK here are 2 more reasons to go sailing

# 65
No taxes to file. No income either but no taxes.


I know your dying to here this one.

The convention I went to last weekend was business casual and a formal dinner. I had to take 3 pairs of shoes. None of which were tennis shoes. UGH! I like to dress up as most girls do. But I have terrible foot problems and I hate wearing dress shoes.

When you are out on a boat shoes are definitely optional and most cases ashore flip flops and sandals are more than enough. Squeaking when you walk in wet sandals or blisters are a much bigger concern than if they match your dress. I can't wait.


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oreneta said...

I've been thinking of you guys, I have friends who are there now and they keep posting pictures and it is KILLING me.


Robbie is so BIG! I wouldn't recognize him. Goodness.

Miss you tons.