Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well there's a hole in the boat. And not a good one. There's never a good one. We have removed all of the galley and settee area. Down to the hull. Robert was scraping at some rust and I was saying be careful when IT happened. It was a small little drip that didn't stop. Robert didn't even get excited he just went to the hardware store for some putty as I stood there trying to will it to stop and imagining the boat sinking before he got back. It didn't. The leak is patched but now were afraid to do anything down there until we have the money to get her hauled out. There lots else to do but HOHUM you know how it goes.

Tomorrow is boat day I wonder if he will poke any more holes in the hull?

My son got his wheels fixed today and I was thinking about how mobile he has always been. I am very nervous about turning him loose in a dingy. Free Spirit lets their boys take the dingy but there is power in the numbers. They have 3 and I just 1. Will he even want to go off by himself? Not anytime soon I hope.

Here are his current wheels.

The date on my camera is wrong go figure. I took this pic today. Note the HELMET he always wears it.


oreneta said...

Oh NOOOOOOoooooooooooo

Holes in the hull are a bad thing....without a doubt. Get her hauled when you can. What a drag.

Hang in there,

Love O

Laura said...

Miss Terrie-

I am soooo sorry and sad to hear that you have found holes in the boat! I know that you both must be very discouraged...

It is a good thing you are a 'tough' chick, and will stick to your goals!

Wish you were here, with beer :-)