Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is the Caloosahatchie River 4Th of July. Pics by Waddy!

So I noticed I have not had any reasons to go sailing since April.


No frogs at sea. It has started raining here in sunny south Florida. But here far inland away from the beach and surf in the swamp that we call home when the rain starts in earnest so do the frogs. They croak and poop and lay eggs everywhere. I don't know which is worse the noise all night long outside my window or the poop all over my porch and windows. Then there is my favorite the frog eggs and tadpoles in my pool. I HATE FROGS!


I helped my friend rearrange her living room today then I came home and thought "I should move my....." and you know what that is something you never have/need to do on a boat. Move heavy furniture. We as women have an urge to move furniture. I Guess when we move aboard I will have to redirect that need. hmmm wonder what that could lead to. I guess I can always paint.

I got a message from Free Spirit they are in Virginia and all is well. I am so jealous. Then Oreneta is temporarily in Canada from Spain and of course the Admiral has already managed to go sailing. Maybe I need to find A boat to crew on!

Happy Sailing guys


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oreneta said...

Those are great should do a little road trip and meet up with them in idea, don't you think?