Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where Oh Where are you tonight?

Well this is the second time I have typed this post. Lets see if I can get it right this time!!
I know that I am a lousy blogger!

Baseball season is over. BOOHOO. I love Little League. Little man and one of his buddies are going to baseball camp next week at FGCU university. Super cool. I'll keep you posted on his Major League status.

This is a talent he is working on in case baseball doesn't pan out.

Then of course there is skateboarding at the X-games.

I love him no matter what. Aren't we cute?

I attended a convention for GFWC LaBelle Community Woman's Club in Orlando Florida. As much as my son is convinced we did not spend the weekend riding roller coasters or hanging out at the water park. We did have some fun and a lot of education.

This is me pretty in pink with Lynn and Marion from our club while at convention.

I threw my son the most awesome 8Th birthday party he ever had last weekend. I'm not sure if we have completely recovered.

These are the cupcakes Robbie and I made to take to school.

This is the super cool cake I made for the big party.

We had about 30 people show for the big day.

One of the things Robbie got for his birthday is this slip n slide type contraption that you are supposed to be able to skin board on. Supposed is the key word.

Casey shows them how.

Courtney and Miken

We told him that's not how you do it.

Emily says YUM!

Sallie and I sure love a party.

Robbie you sure had some pretty girls at your party!

So, your officially 8 years old.

Happy Birthday KID!!! We love you!!!


oreneta said...

What a great post!!!! Happy Birthday Robbie....looks like it was a lot of fun....can you hang the spoon of your chin yet? I knew a girl who could hang nine spoons off her face, nose, both cheeks, chin both ears, and that still leaves three unaccounted for....maybe her eyes? and and and???

Priscilla said...

That whip behind Robbie's head in that last pic looks like the one we bought him..... aka... the one I was his first "target" on....... LOL ... he gave me an evil "what are you gonna do about it" grin when he hit me with it... Glad he had a great Birthday! Cake was delicious!

sharky said...

Lovely picture of you with Lynne and Marian. Looks like you were wearing make-up! Very Pretty.

From the great pictures, it seems the birthday party was an overwhelming success!