Friday, February 29, 2008

Well I finished yet another trashy book today. Daniel Steel, "Sisters" it was a good story but completely void of any meaning or depth. I really feel like I need to read something of substance. Don't take that to mean like educational or anything but maybe a step up from trash to brain bubblegum. So send me your latest good reads that you think I would enjoy. The last time I put out this request one of the books that was suggested was "The Kite Runner" and I really enjoyed that one. Thanks Chris.

There was an awesome front page story in our little local paper this week about the sailing vessel Free Spirit. I have mentioned them before. It talked about their planning an around the world voyage and everything that they have been doing to get ready to leave. Some day it will be my family's picture on the front page telling about us leaving. God knows the locals here already think that were crazy. Reading this made me think about how the little town of LaBelle isn't just a great hurricane hole when the weather gets bad but also a fabulous spot to plan a great adventure. We have met quite a few sailors here that are passing through or getting ready for a major cruise. LaBelle is close to everything you need for refitting a boat. We give hospitality a new meaning. Free water and electric on our free dock. Walking distance to stores, post office, laundry, etc... The haul out facilities at Glades Boat Storage are just what the real cruiser needs. You can still work on your own boat and stay aboard at the same time. This is getting pretty rare. Most places will haul your boat but won't let you do any of the work let alone stay on them during your stay.

So come find your new to you boat , we found ours at Glades Boat Yard, or work on the one you already have, and make plans to sail off into the sunset with the rest of us in beautiful LaBelle, Florida.
The crew of Wahine is always on the look out for our next adventure.
Wahine and others at the local city dock, the free one, in LaBelle Fl.
Wahine in her slip at the port LaBelle Marina. Since this sounded like a sales pitch for LaBelle here is the web sight for our Chamber of Commerce.

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