Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Just got home from school. As most of you know I am subbing at the local high school. Today I had American Government. It was just as boring today as it was then. I really thought I would fall asleep. So I would walk around the class to stay awake. Note to teachers every so often have your entire class get up and move around to stay awake. It might help.

Holidays, boat trips, back to school, pet fest, and swamp cabbage festival all done and wrapped up. Some of those things are self explanatory but what is a Pet Fest or Swamp Cabbage Festival you ask.

Pet Fest was an event planned and carried out by the Local Woman's Club that I belong to. It was a community event for pet lovers to help us raise money for a pet park here in LaBelle. We also donated funds to the animals shelters and different rescue groups that participated. We had a blessing of the animals, a pet parade, and lots of fun and goodies. Robbie and his turtle, Telly, won an award for the best behaved pet. How fun is that?

http://www.gfwc.org/ This is the link to the national web sight for the club I belong to. Were awesome!

The Swamp Cabbage Festival is a little more complex. Swamp cabbage by definition is the heart of a cabbage palm cut out and cooked with bacon and onions. Yummy. This goes way back to the Indians and settlers of south Florida surviving in what has often been referred to as The Devils Garden. For who but the devil would have planted such chaos?

So 42 years ago the local Jaycee's , a civic organization, set out to plan an event to promote LaBelle and local business's and the Swamp Cabbage Festival was born. People come from near and far to "eat a tree". We had over 100 vendors selling everything from swamp cabbage fritters to Indian Jewelry. The Woman's club had a booth selling pulled pork sandwiches. This money we use to give scholarships to local students. It is a long and tiring weekend but gratifying to be able to help our community.

check out the link

Well I'm just full of info today. I also added a new cool link to my side bar. It is the blog for S.V. Free Spirit who is about to set out on a voyage of a lifetime. Check them out.
This is Wahine in her home port LaBelle Florida.
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