Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi All!

Just surfing at work. And thought I might post some more on my trip.

I received an email from our Federation Chairman about speaking at our upcoming state board meeting.About the trip. Now I always have lots to say and yet for some reason I still get nervous when I have to speak in front of a crowd. My words always sound rushed to me. Am I forgetting something? Did they get my point? We will only have 3-5 minutes to speak. That's not long. I am going to have a hard time deciding on what to talk about. There was SOOOOO much.
This is a fountain in the Main Square. Surrounded by government buildings. Such as their Presidents House. They told us that one day a year that Pisco flows from this fountain for the entire day. What is Pisco you ask? Pisco is the equivalent to corn whiskey that is the national drink in Peru. It was very potent stuff. Could you imagine a fountain in front of our White House that flowed whiskey?? HMMM I'm not sure about that one. But for sure things couldn't get a great deal worse in Washington. Might be an improvement.
The architecture was such a lovely mix of many different countries. Spain, Germany, and Europe just to name a few. The weather in Lima is Gray and dreary all year due to it's location on the coast. So the Government ordered the buildings to be painted bright colors because of the suicide rate. Nice!
More Later.

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oreneta said...

I like the painting solution! Bright colours are so lovely.